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Quixey - The Search Engine for Apps

Posted 2011-12-04 in Technology

Quixey is a start-up in Palo Alto which has created a novel technology for app search. It focuses on the functions performed by applications and allows the user to enter a natural language query describing the problem they need to solve… i.e. the functionality of an application. The result is a cross-platform listing of the applications which functionally solve the problem… which can be further filtered by platform, price and other criterion. Given the “one billion apps” (well, 500K or more) many platforms now claim, finding the app which does what you need it to do can be a serious pain. And finding it when you need it is just that much more difficult.

I’ll expand this article a bit more in the next few days, but I have gone ahead and registered as a developer (Mark Allen Neil and Pointer Games) at their website. I’ve also registered as a partner interested in using their plugin and API on my website. The following is an example of the plugin… populated with three search phrases of my choice.

Quixey - Search Plugin

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