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AuthorCollector Schema - Rendered in SVG

Posted 2011-12-03 in Web

In a recent interview, I was asked to sketch on a whiteboard the database schema for my AuthorCollector website back-end. I probably should have stood up and made the attempt, but it’d been two years since work on the website and I didn’t want to reverse-engineer my own work on the fly. As I was interviewing for a management position, I didn’t think it was a serious gaff… but I didn’t get the job and who knows… perhaps I should have at least tried.

I did say to the interviewer that I would be more than happy to send him the schema after the interview. Granted I didn’t get the job so perhaps no one now cares about following through… but I care and by posting the schema here I at least will have somewhere to “point” in the next interview if asked the same question. An interesting twist is that SVG (scalable vector graphics) was a point of interest for the interviewer, and it just so happens that the image of the last schema I’d produced was actually done in SVG. Why not? It fits the task perfectly, much better than a raster representation. The MySQL schema follows.

AuthorCollector Schema (rendered using SVG)

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